Building Design and Construction - 3D Model Renderings

Competition is becoming tougher as building design and construction are expanding at a brisk pace. To ensure that your company can compete with the competition it is imperative to use the latest technologies and services. One of the latest and most widely used services is 3D model renderings.

What is 3D Model Rendering?

3D Model rendering can be described as a computer process that takes a #D model and converts it into images with a 3D view. With these 3D models all views of a building, building component or structure can be seen. They contain:-

1) Geometrical Information
2) Texture Information
3) Lighting within the surroundings
4) Shade detail

The models will have a very high level of detail and enable you to see every aspect of the building from any angle. It could be said that the Real estate industry would greatly benefit from this technology as it enables the viewer to see how a building would look in reality rather than trying to imagine if from a two dimensional drawing.

The types of structures that can be done in this way are residential buildings, industrial buildings, commercial buildings and institutional buildings.

Using 3D model renderings will reduce the amount of errors in comparison to the traditional techniques that have been used in the past. The main advantage is that the model can be modified easily if the builder changes or delivers new requirements. Another advantage is that it can save a lot of time and money.

There are numerous software programs on the market today that can perform the tasks required for 3D model renderings such as:-

1) Photoshop CS3
2) AutoCAD 2007
3) 3D Max 9
4) Cap Studio 3.2
5) Giza 2006

3D model renderings will give detailed information of the building structure to all the persons involved in the construction of the building from the designer to the manual labourers.