Expected Home Building Trends

There have been numerous changes in the home building industry during 2009. There are trends that you will begin to see within this industry, some of which are listed here:-

Green building techniques have become a must within the construction industry. Those companies that do not embark on the green path will soon find themselves left behind. These Green building techniques involve the selection of greener materials, the use of space and natural light, flooring,  suitable and correct insulation and even the way it which our waste is disposed of. The possibility that this Green building industry will grow and effect developments in residential and commercial buildings is of a high percent.

Energy saving solutions for all home design will become a standard within the industry. Solar power systems, heat pumps and appliances whose main emphasis is in energy saving along with their functionality will become the norm.

Technology for water conservation which will include rain water recovery systems water heaters without tanks as well as water saving fixtures will become standard.

There will be fewer large homes being built as people begin to choose the smaller but more efficient designs for their homes.

The need and demand for more storage space is becoming common place. It is expected that homes will be built with extra storage under stairs, attics, basements and larger walk-in closets. House sizes will not get larger but the efficiency of using the existing space will become better.

With the space inside a home become smaller the living space outside will grow. More homes will have the provision of an outside kitchen with seated areas and fireplaces. Porches and verandas will become larger.

As people age they are now deciding to stay in their homes rather than be housed in retirement homes and the design of a home to accommodate an aged person’s physical limitations are being taken into account during the home design process. Wider hallways, less stairs and level floors are taking over from grand staircases and sunken rooms.

The provision for electronic equipment has changed the way a home is wired. The wiring that is now done can include that for wireless networks, temperature and lighting control, intercom systems, in wall speakers, home theatre systems and security cameras.

The kitchen has always been considered the hub of a home but this is now becoming more so in this day and age. Designs to make the kitchen more luxurious and ways to make the room appear larger than it is are now being implemented. Better storage facilities are being provided and the space for energy saving appliances is being made. The open plan kitchen is also decreasing and additional work spaces are regularly included in the kitchen design.

The home is being designed with office space as more and more people are working from home making it a common requirement by the home buyer.