Construction Equipment

Within the Cyprus building industry there are many varieties of construction equipment that is needed to complete the many building projects. Understanding the difference between construction equipment and construction tools is fundamental if you are considering hiring or purchasing some equipment. Construction tolls are considered to be items such as hammers, saws, hand drills and other smaller items. Construction equipment is the large equipment such as loaders, excavators and cranes.

Construction equipment is essential to the building industry regardless of whether the project is housing, commercial or road construction. The equipment that you select will greatly depend on the type of terrain that you will be working on.

There are various kinds of loaders and depending on the job you require it for will determine the type of loader you will need. The types of loaders range from wheel loaders to front end loaders. You will find that loaders are frequently used in road construction but are also used on many building projects within the Cyprus building industry. A loader is basically a tractor which has a bucket on the front that is used to move material from one place to another but often than not into a dumping truck. A hydraulic system is used to raise the bucket and dump the material.

The size of excavator that you will need will again depend on the kind of job that you require one for. Bobcat excavators tend to be used for smaller tasks whereas Backhoes excavators are better suited when a larger hole is required. Most construction companies will have a variety of excavators for the kind of work and terrain that they will be working on.

There many varieties of cranes and the choice of which crane to use would need to be relevant for the type of job that it is required for. The weight of the load that the crane will need to move will also need to be taken into consideration as all cranes generally have a maximum lifting capacity. Cranes can range from small mobile cranes to large stationary cranes.