Building Industry Structures

This is a series of arches that are in a straight line or circle and supported by pillars or columns. These have been used in building since the ancient Egyptian times. The Romans also used arcades in a variety of structures.

This is a vertical support that is used to hold up a horizontal section of a building. A column can be circular or polygonal and has a height no less than four times larger than its width. The very first columns were built using logs or canes that had been tied together.

A dome resembles the top part of a hollow sphere. These used to be built using stone or wood and reinforced with iron strips until the nineteenth century. Since the industrial revolution the suitable materials used to build domes has increased. Materials such as reinforced concrete, steel, aluminium, wood, plastic and cast iron are now used.

There are other important elements for these building systems such as the structures that function to connect major structural points. These structures can take any form and be made of wood or steel. They are based on branch structures that are formed in triangles.

Eighteenth Century
During this time mathematicians learnt how to apply their knowledge into the study of structures. This made it possible to be able to calculate the tensions that can and do occur in any situation with precision.

Nineteenth Century
Throughout this century many large scale construction projects were undertook such as bridges, tunnel and dams. This was essential for the scientific progress within the building industry.

Up until the last hundred years there were not many large changes in regards to basic structure that were used for large buildings such as factories, warehouses and the larger homes as well as roads and bridges. The changes that have taken place within the last hundred years are related to the introduction of new technology which in turn has given the use of new materials.

As new materials are appearing and the constant new innovations that are being thought of and released every year are improving, a structure can take on almost any shape and dimension imaginable.